Display A Future World

High definition display
The world's first golden ratio of 16:9 standard cabinet which is in line with human eye pupil ratio 2K, 4K and 8K compatible.
Magnetic front access
Magnetic front access maintenance, user friendly maintenance.
High flatness and smoothness
Low radiation and noiseless
Passed EMC-Class B standard, meet civil use standards;
Noiseless to ensure a silent environment.
Vacuum LED Module packing -Optional
Other Highlight
No Fan / Noise Design, Energy Saving
Good heat dissipation
Fan-less design
PFC power supply, saving power



Item Eframe0.9 Eframe1.2 Eframe1.5 Eframe1.9
Cabinet Resolution (pixels) 640×360 480×270 384×216 320×180
Cabinet Size(mm) W609.92×H343.08×D75 W609.92×H343.08×D75 W609.92×H343.08×D75 W609.92×H343.08×D75
Material Die - casting Aluminum Die - casting Aluminum Die - casting Aluminum Die - casting Aluminum
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