Intelligent Front Access 16:9 LED Display Unit

Intelligent Maintenance
Via our system access to "Maintenance Mode", then you can easy to change LED Module thru our Tools
ALL Module, System, Power Supply and cable – Front Access
Backup Maintenance
If no power input , you can also thru our Special tools for change LED Module
Each LED Module Function
High Protection
Die Casting Aluminum LED Module and Cabinet with CNC Process , Tolerance <0.1mm
Protection IP50
16:9 Ratio
16:9 Ratio, Pixel to Pixel for 720p, 1080p, 2160p, 3840p Standard HD Resolution
Fully Front Access

Module, System, Power Supply, Cable – ALL Front Access, No need back space

Safe Installation

Cabinet and Module - Separate package
Install Cabinet first and then Module, High Protection


Hang Beam , Max. 20pcs Cabinet Height - Optional

Cabinet just 70mm, 100mm thickness with Structure

Good Dissipation
No Fan / Noise Design, Energy Saving
PFC Power Supply, 95% Efficiency, Save Power
Separate Cabinet and Module Design , Power Supply stick on cabinet for good heat dissipation, extend Module life
Auto Connection
During cabinet Installation, AC power and Signal Automatically installed
Dual Backup System
Backup System :
Power Supply, Signal Cable (Sending System), Control System, Socket available
Automatic Calibration
ALL Calibration Data saved at Each LED Module
Once change a new LED Module, the system will update Calibration data automatically
Protection Design
Cabinet with Protection design for Prevent hit a LED and socket during Installation
6 Axis Cabinet Assemble System
Up / Down, Left / Right, Front / Rear , for good Alignment
Separate Cabinet and Module Design
– Module output No change if Cabinet deformed
S Front Access Automatically
– Non-Touching system , High LED Protection



Item Eframe-s0.9 Eframe-s1.2 Eframe-s1.4 Eframe-s1.5 Eframe-s1.9
Cabinet Resolution (pixels) 640x360 480x270 416x234 384x216 320x180
Cabinet Size(mm) W609.92×H343.08×D71
W609.92×H343.08×D71 (W24.01in*H13.51in*D2.79in)
Material Die-cast Die-cast Die-cast Die-cast Die-cast
Brightness (cd/sqm) 600 600 600 600 600
Weight (kg/cabinet) 7.5 7.5 7.5 7.5 7.5
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