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LED Display Screen Solutions for Indoors and Outdoors

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Penskey is a leading provider of LED display solutions for your signage and media display to reach-out, communicate and engage with your target audience. Our company incorporated since 1997 specialized in outdoor signage, lighting and illumination design, then we further expanded to digital in year 2010. Since then, we have been providing quality, custom and durable LED display solutions for a range of businesses with every size and purpose, both indoor and out. We adopt some of the most technologically advanced LED display solutions available for our clients in the ever-changing economic environment.

Penskey partners with clients to create various, stunning, interactive LED visualization solutions, each of them meeting the market demands of different usage situations/environments, such as retail digital signage, outdoor advertising billboards, exhibitions, sports arena, large scale events, traffic signs, etc. Our experience gained from the demanding market has allowed us to deliver expert advice regarding your project including screen size, screen type, installation, and screen placement.

At Penskey, we continuously improve and innovate on our LED displays in order to provide our customers with the utmost service. Whether your digital signage needs are big or small, many or few, Penskey's vast selection of LED displays are there to get the job done.

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